Hi!  My name is Nicole Junkin.  I live in Birmingham, Al.  I am stay at home, homeschooling mom of a very spirited 7 year old son.  I saw my first expandable headband in a outdoors store and they were asking $23!  A friend (LA) and I looked at each other and said (out loud) “They have LOST their minds!”  Later I saw one for $18 and thought, “Ok, you’re going in the right direction, but that is still crazy.”  Then I had the idea to make my own, so I did.  I had the thought of making them to sell, but was a little ‘skeered’ (quote a friend 😀 you know who you are ` AB).   I loved it and posted pictures of it on my Facebook page.  Almost immediately the above mentioned ‘skeered’ friend suggested that I make them out of houndstooth and that I could have gobs of orders.  A mutual friend (SR) mentioned that AB loves her hair doolollies.  I loved the name and asked permission.

For anyone that isn’t from Alabama, there is thing called college football, and the best conference in all of college football is the Southeastern Conference, the SEC for short.  One of the biggest rivals in the SEC is The University of Alabama vs. Auburn University.  Now the passion for houndstooth come from the legendary Alabama coach, Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant.  He always wore a houndstooth hat.  Nowadays you can see houndstooth E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made houndstooth underwear.  LOL

Anyway, back to the doolollies.  So I started making houndstooth doolollies. 


Now I am a transplant (originally from Maryland and West Virginia), so I’m not a hardcore Bama fan.  I also have a bunch of friends who are Auburn fans.  Therefore, I am also making Auburn doolollies. 😀

Actually I’m making them in several different fabrics.  I am also working on a couple other styles.  So check back often


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